Monday, October 8, 2012

Work Out Your Salvation

31 days... Day 8

A message on our salvation, by Larry Dixon.  Presented at Asbury Community Chapel in May 2011

IDEA:  Abide in the Word, do Word Studies, and think about key doctrines and how they change your life!

Here's some teaching to get you started. 

Work out your salvation, two scriptures and some bullet points that make me think!  I see these concepts as worth exploration and reminders personally, and would be key discipleship concepts in mentoring our children.  In whispering the Word, it is important to be growing spiritually and abiding in the Word yourself!

Ephesians 2:8-9....
Philippians 2

Four keys to working out your salvation...
#1 spiritual growth is a process.... Do we allow for process in our Christian churches & friendships? V12... With fear and involves mistakes, sins, we admit those to one another often enough?

#2 key. Spiritual growth focuses on you...Your salvation...
It's easier to focus on others than on are a work on process...and you have much to say about how your life goes...

Mere Christianity a primer in logic.   

Spiritual Disciplines worth cultivating
  • Inward disciplines...prayer fasting meditation study
  • Outward disciplines...simplicity, solitude, submission, service,
  • Corporate disciplines... confession, guidance, worship...

#3 key spiritual growth involves fear and trembling
Conduct a word study in the following scriptures....
Fear word study...Romans Galatians,Ephesians,Phil
Fear and trembling. Corinthians and Phil 2

#4 spiritual growth requires cooperating with Almighty God!
V.13 ....for it is God who works in you...
Spiritual our life like a drifting sailboat?  or are we afloat with the Holy Spirit's help?  

Wish I had the audio to go with this, but I see these concepts as great for a devotional personally or in discipleship even with just my notes!

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