Sunday, October 7, 2012

Children's Bible Part 3

31 days- Day 7

Storybook Bibles... what factors are unique and need to be researched? 

If you go with the Storybook Bible considerations: (also works for individual Bible storybooks)
  • does it quote scripture directly, or does it have an author who has paraphrased (essentially writing their own translation) of the story?  if it does, what translation?
  • which stories does it include? and what details does it include/omit?
  • how many stories does it include?
  • Voice: how is God portrayed? is the storybook written from His voice, or in the child's voice, or is it a narrative?  
  • do the story's have the scripture references (at least chapters) mentioned to make connecting it to a regular Bible easier? 
  • images- do the pictures reflect the scenarios appropriately? (i.e. are there halos on the angels? do people look real or like magical people? Are people smiling at the Crucifixion?  ...)
  • and AM I OKAY with the way it is?   
I find reading reviews at the retailers (like a great start, and if I'm curious about a specific Bible or storybook Bible, if I take that title in "quotes". I can google it and see who has blogged about this product for another avenue of information.  Even reviews children's Bible storybooks. Just remember some people are given free products for positive reviews!

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