Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanksgiving Lessons

Day 31 of 31

As we head into November, it's time to focus our hearts on thankfulness....

We are preparing a series on being THANKFUL for our sparks AWANA program.... so I thought today I'll share with you the Pinterest Board I'm pinning ideas to!

Often I don't like the lessons completely from other websites,books, resources... they are cheesy, don't use enough scripture for me, won't work for the age group or time limit I have in mind, etc... But they are a great catalyst for ideas and creativity... so we use them as a sounding board.  

It's time for you all to meet my partner in all this whispering... My husband, Roger, a high school business and math teacher, who has been roped into training elementary age kiddos because that's where our kids are AT and because his wife is a little crazy passionate about children's ministry, but a little short on time to DO IT ALL. So we team up together, I often write the plans with his input, and then I get the materials ready, and he goes and presents to the kids.... and these days I hang out with our precious Princess....who is 2 years old and a very random napper, but not really ready to go to AWANA and not get in the way!  

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