Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God's Word is Day 5

God's Word is.... taught through AWANA programs from 18months-grades 2 (and middle school/high school) as well!  Yesterday I showed you the links to the format for grades 3-6.  Today I'll link you to their younger kids curriculum samples.

many things-- and I wouldn't do AWANA justice without a day to show you the links for the other ages.

In the preschool ages, they focus on who God is, His Son, and His Word.

Here's the overview:

In grades Kindergarten, first, second, the kids learn about the Bible, God, and others. It is a very developmentally appropriate curriculum, helping kids to be grounded in Biblical truth while exploring how it applies to their own lives in simple steps. Knowing kids, and their need for repetition at this young age, every book has a CD with it with ALL the text from the book in audio format! We use it as a going to bed routine to hear the sections or verses for the week. 

Here are the curriculum overviews-- with topics and verses.

1st Book, typically Kindergarten, but your first year of the program in K-2.

2nd Book, typically grade 1, or your 2nd book in your first year if you start later.

3rd Book, typically grade 2.

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