Friday, October 5, 2012

Children's Bibles- how to choose?

31 days challenge- day 5

Choosing Quality Literature?  is it the same when choosing a child's BIBLE?

When I think about this question, it is very simple, yet very complex.   There are some personal preferences that rule out many products. Did you know that CBD has an app to help?  I selected : child, under $25, and hardcover- and I still had 329 choices!

I always make a decision with a series of questions and research on the topic. Here are factors I'd consider.

Questions in my mind:  


Start with your purpose for wanting this book and answer this questions with that in mind:

  • How will I use this version of the Bible?  
  • Will a child read it or just look at the images? 
  • Will it be a read aloud in a small group or large class?  
  • Who publishes it? and what is their basic theology?  
  • Who recommends it? and why? 
  • What is my purpose in purchasing this book?  
  • Will it be read over and over? 
  • Will I only read excerpts of it? 
  • Should I see if I can borrow it from a friend or the library first? 

Tomorrow factors to investigate when you have a specific Bible in mind.

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