Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bloggers to follow..

31 days...day 9

I'm blogging with the hopes of keeping track of ideas, lessons, and to explore a format for future students in a children's ministry class at Emmaus.   But most of what I learn, what encourages me, and what helps me find resources is by following other bloggers who share my heart for God's Word being central in my life and in the kids we come into contact with (and especially my own.)

here are some bloggers who help:

Oh, Amanda at Impress Your Kids
Ann Voskamp, and her 1,000+ gifts inspire me individually and as a Mom to be in, of, and acting on the Word of God with joy!
Inspired to Action (and the Hello Mornings challenges) to get us in the Word daily!
Women living well (and the Good Morning Girls Bible studies each season) simple SOAP method book studies. 
1+1+1+1 the source of free printables for SEEDS family worship cd's and other fun christian/Bible stuff!
When you Rise this blog often shows me new products, and recently she's been talking about soteriology doctrinal views and teaching them to children.  I've linked you to her free printable that shows how to carry the gospel through the WHOLE Bible on a front/back page! I use it in Sunday School all the time!

another 31 day challenge, her month is on teaching theology to your toddler... she's new to me, but we share the same desire this month:  homeade calling

another newbie to me... but her theme this month, I will add to my hope to do list...31 days of God's Word for your kids

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