Saturday, October 13, 2012

God's Word is... Day 1

Life Management for Busy Women   -             By: Elizabeth George    Life Management for Busy Women has been a return to book, over and over.  She has many practical poems, scriptural lists, and quotes.  

31 days.... day 13  Why do we read the Bible?  What is it... a multiple day discussion...

Elizabeth George is an author that I have enjoyed, and been convicted by.  I think I had an 'aha' moment when reading some of her books/studies. She directly reminds you of the secret formula for a healthy christian life... the spiritual disciplines of time in the Word, in prayer, in fellowship, and in worship.

We need to be in the Word, of the Word, abiding in the Word (John 15), Rooted in the Word (Psalm 1), established in the Word so that we can respond with gratitude (Colossians 2:6-7), just to start thinking of what the Bible commands and promises believers to build their lives on. 

But Mrs. George inspired me with a long list of why we read the Bible and of notes that DL Moody made of the benefits of regular Bible reading.  We had a discussion just a few days ago at Emmaus, of the benefits of the Word.... and I thought we should review it here!  These notes could be ONE lesson, or hundreds with children, but most importantly they should be your life and breathe...seen as who you are, how you make a decision, how you respond in any scenario....

She shares her adaptations of DL Moody's  list of what God's Word is:   (on page 15)

It is the Heart of God...2 Tim 3: 16, Psalm 35:11, Psalm 34:8
It is good use of your time...
the Job Moses/Peter
weak kneed.... Elijah
no song in your heart....listen to David Daniel 

her list goes on....but you can use these notes to create your own 'reason' list and resources to head to no matter your scenario in life!

Tomorrow I will share more reasons why we read the Bible.... but I thought I'd help you warm up your brain with this list... 

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