Saturday, October 27, 2012

Whispering the Word in Children's Ministry...

Day 27 of 31....

Somehow I got so busy I forgot to get all my posts up each day! So here I am editing and publishing a few more to catch up....

I've been sharing my IDEAS on whispering the Word to children... next semester I will (Lord Willing) be teaching a children's ministry course at Emmaus.   It is my dream to share and LEARN from others how to be sharing scripture with kids in ALL the avenues we can... 

So I thought I would share my course description and some big questions to help organize the learning in our course... I'd love input or feedback if you have a change or see something I'm missing!   

Course Description:
This course will begin to prepare the learner for ministry to children in a variety of settings (local church, Para church, home).  This course will help the learner get a broader perspective of the knowledge, skills, and resources used in current children's programming, and will help the learner develop a philosophy of children's ministry.   Special attention will be given to the spiritual formation/development of children from birth-grade 6 and how to meet children where they are at.  Teaming with parents in equipping children to think Biblically will also be emphasized.  Goals will be that the learner can identify, adapt or create developmentally appropriate Biblical and theologically sound lesson/programs.  The learner will choose their focus for children's ministry and will research through that perspective (local church, outreach, para church, home, camp... ministry).  

Big Questions to guide the course:

  • How do we help children think Biblically?
  • What part do we (kidmin people) play in raising spiritually minded kids? 
  • How do we help to equip kids to know, love, serve, and glorify God from childhood on?
  • How do we partner with parents to share in the Deuteronomy 5:6-7 commands and help the ones most connected/relevant in their kids’ lives make meaningful biblical connections with their kids?
  • What do we need to know about kids’ developmental/spiritual formation to reach them where they are at? 
  • How do we select the BEST resources/curriculum/materials/programs that fit our Christian worldview, theology/doctrine, the children’s needs, and that are fun, engaging, and learning oriented?

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