Saturday, October 6, 2012

Child's Bible- part 2

31 days- Day 6

Yesterday, we talked about thinking about my purpose for wanting a specific Child's Bible, and some questions to start my thinking... Today here are some more specific research ideas. 

Research these specifics:
  • does it meet the purpose I have?  
  • which type of children's Bible is it:  entire Bible, study Bible, or Bible storybook or Biblical concepts/thoughts/devotional or a combination. 
  • is it a translation, if so is it complete or just excerpts?
  • if it's a story book, is it an author's work, or excerpts from a specific translation?
  • what features does it have (pictures, definitions, cross references, questions, ....)
  • pictures- are they appealing to me? to kids? to manga readers? comic readers? little kids? cartoon like or realistic? are the colors muted or vibrant? faces on people appropriate or dis proportioned?
  • publication date (is it out of print? is it reflective of the era? relevant to my kids?)
  • images/pictures- appealing, appropriate details, artistic
  • view of God
  • theology taught/presented/misconstrued
  • readability: funny fonts or 'italics', simple text, size of text, amount of text, reading level of text
  • helps- does it end with questions, activities, etc.
  • physical size/shape/price
    • is it tiny and perfect for purse/diaper bag, is it large enough to hold in front of a group, is it sturdy, is it age appropriate (does it look like a baby Bible, an adult one), will the pages rip easily, will the binding hold up when I carry it back and forth to my teaching scenarios,  is it in the appropriate language?  ...

There are even more considerations if you go with a Story Bible... check in tomorrow!

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