Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Book Review: Laugh it Up by Candance Payne


I never know what to think about a book from someone who has viral fame and then gets to write a book.  I honestly ordered this book as a pre-order because I wanted to read her story and find out if her fame was the video, or if the viral video was a tool that God used to give her a platform.  I can tell you-- God uses even chewbacca viral video to bring a person to the forefront, and give her a book!! 

This book will touch many lives. I've already been impressed to see how many people that in my world I consider famous- like Donalyn Miller author of the Book Whisper, who was on the plane with Candace and can't wait to read this book!  

I loved the illustrations for each chapter that she drew to help illustrate the concept. It brings to life her life story that is told with brutal truth, sorrow, and how she found joy in her life. I found that I laughed out loud and felt like she was talking right with me.


She shares her brokenness and struggle but shows how joy breaks through in all things. Her approach is real. Easily related to. Her faith is clear. Her tips are practical, simple, yet packed with wisdom.  She's honest, an ordinary person, minus a few special events because of her viral video and new platform, and that makes it even better to read her strategies and story for 'counting it all joy.'

I ordered a pre release copy and was blessed to get a PDF version in advance to read. But this is my opinion only. And I can't wait to get the book in my hands to highlight and read again. Practical advice and clear hope.