Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Books of the Bible Review games

I think we forget that our children need to not only memorize God's Word, but also to read it!!  And to read it in church, or in real Bible Study, you have to know how to find things in the Bible.  I bet most adults would benefit from a little Books of the Bible review game!!   Here's our lesson from Sunday and some links to free printables!!

Lesson Target....I can say the books of the Bible so I can find verses in my Bible fast!!
Key Verse: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength... (find how many times the Bible refers to this in some variation!)

My lesson plan... New Year, New You??

What would be a good resolution? or goal for this year??

How about accepting God's challenge to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind? and how can you do that... Read the Word!!!

How about being in the Word of God more?  You should set a goal to read the Word daily...

If you are a new reader, a version like this might be appropriate....show simple Bible story books.

if you are primary reader, maybe one of these....show others...

if you are a great reader, read the real book- perhaps start in the book of John and read 5 verses a day, or a chapter.  Think as you read.... and pray that God would help you remember and apply what you are reading...

If you need motivation- maybe one of these Bibles might be just what you need... the key is to get to know and love God's Word so that you can: Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, Soul, and Mind!!   I showed the Power Bible, Lego Bible, Action Bible, and  Boys Bible. (did you know 3rd/4th grade boys are the target audience to motivate, as they are often the hardest age and gender).

Today, a simple step to help you feel less lost when it comes time to find things in the Word of God.

Books of the Bible Review

To play many of these- some visuals are helpful.... I got a bunch from these sites...

business card images, with people- almost like trading cards
For variation, we made some of these pretty ones....Books of the Bible memory cards - Old Testament

We ended up only having enough time to sort and put in order in groups of 4, play Bingo, and talk about why and how to read the Bible in a 40 minute time slot!!  But I think the kids have fun!! I need to designate a photographer next time, I have no pictures, I was having too much fun helping!

Here's a list of ideas...

  • Hangman with Bible book names
  • Bible book Bingo (dry erase markers) 
  • Group the books by their category (old testament/new testament, law/history/poetry/major prophets/minor prophets...gospels/history/letters of paul/general epistles/prophecy) 
  • Pass the Bible (and say the next book as you do)
  • Guess that book (from before or after the one I pull)
  • Popsicle Stick craft-- make your own list...
  • Books of the Bible relay (get them in order!) 
    • as a team
    • one by one at the other end of the room
    • into categories (for the older or more knowledgeable)
    • by the people in them  

Test this knowledge... look up these verses and find the items....
Indoor and Outdoor Scavenger Hunt with scripture references...

if you have enough time and supplies (can you tell we are late planners?)...
use a hanger and clothespins,

or cup stacking with the books.... different colors for each type of book? law, history,....

make catepillars, 

or use milk caps and circle stickers...

with more time, we could have made Jenga

AWANA has a printable bookmark

If you need other ideas, pinterest has tons!!  If we do it again, I think I would make up something that would be more of a sight word activity for the new readers-- think about how confusing and hard to pronounce a bunch of the book words are-- we probably should do more practice pronouncing them!!