Monday, June 25, 2012

Lovely Links

As I've been writing this blog, and searching for resources, I keep finding them even when I'm not looking...I'm inspired that this topic that I am so passionate about ...sharing God's Word with your kids, in fun, engaging, higher level thinking ways.... really is on many other people's hearts and minds, and just this spring several blogs and books have been published on different facets.  

When You Rise... just a few weeks ago a reflection on reading regular Bibles with your kids... inspiration for me! (and she connected me to a new book and the blog below)

AnEverydayMama...she wrote a BOOK about reading the Bible with your kids that was just published this spring... she answers here can YOUNG kids read and understand the Bible.  I say YES! and am intrigued by this book... on my wishlist! She also blogs here about how she handles some of the more graphic elements of the Bible with her young children.  

Impress Your Kids  I follow this blogger who is a former Children's Ministry director, now Mom, and last fall published a book of ideas to celebrate advent with your young children with great Biblical integration .  She lead me to a new book that intrigued me, and was just published this spring.

I love that our library lets you recommend a book and then they let you read it first!  So I just finished reading it on our way to New York.   It's called Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord and it is a parenting book, so it highlights many dimensions of parenting more than a how to motivate kids to read the Bible, but it was worth your time read in my humble opinion!  I'm waiting to see if they ordered An Everyday Mama's book for me as well!  

I've also just finished reading a book that Moody Publishing sent me to review entitled: Beyond Bathtime by Erin Davis, a book and a blog, to encourage Moms in the ministry and calling of Motherhood.  You can read my amazon review here.  It is more focused on the joy and sacred role mothering is.  Her purpose is that YOU need the Lord's help.  But if you take her advice, she inspires you the Mom, to live the truths of God's Word before you children, and survive/thrive through the Holy Spirit's help, which requires you to be in the Word so it is all connected. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Holy Bible motivator

I need to get back into regular blogs, but time keeps evaporating... I'm writing lessons to share with you as I can get them 'publishable' and we are testing them this week at Pine Bush Bible Camp on teens/college age students, and elementary age boys (officially the hardest age to reach and motivate!)  But until then, I will share some of my favorite resources...

Holy Bible Color BookThis is a Holy Bible Coloring Book published originally by Dock Haley Gospel Magic

Their store link:

I purchased it with a 'free' curriculum CD  from Wycliffe.  My Amazing Volcano (you can get it all in pdf form and download it or order a CD).  The curriculum has other uses for this magic book!

I wanted to order Wycliffe's ABC book: Akebu to Zapotec - A-Z  with images and text about all the Bibleless people in the world and I took a risk and ordered this coloring book as well.  Wycliffe has great resources and lessons to whisper the Word to kids and adults-- as Bible translators, it is what they do!  I love that I can find and use great resources that experts have created, found, or organized for my ministry.  Don't be afraid to use and adapt materials, we are all one Body in Christ, and God created us to be a team sharing the Good News!  

Every group I have ever used it with is in AWE and the point it drills home about people looking at the same book.  Some seeing a blank Bible, some seeing a coloring book uncolored, and others find the Bible is a book with living color illustrations. It's a great tool to build relevancy and make kids/adults think about why we read the Bible!   (and it is simple to learn to use-- you just need to practice it about 10 times the first time, and I had it down!)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bible Book Lesson/Bible Features Lesson Part 2

Objective: To engage your children in thinking about the Bible as a book (with many types and helps in different Bibles), and guide students to discover what features their Bibles have and what types of Bibles exist, how those features help them understand the Bible, and to decide which Bible features and types that they personally like.

HOOK: Review the last lesson- where you found out what a bible 'feature' is-- review your post its or list.   Then ask the kids to show you the Bibles that they have.  

LOOK:   look at a verse in more than one translation.(discuss translations, what they are, just like languages, we can phrase it differently in  the same language)  It would be best if this verse connects to your recent devotions, Sunday school lesson, or has been used in the kids lives recently. 

If not choose a verse that commands us to be in the Word like John 8: 31-32.  Discuss...
  •  31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  (ESV)
  • 31 So Jesus said to those Jews who had believed in Him, If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples.32 And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. (AMP)
  • 31 Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. 32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (NLT)
  • 31 Jesus spoke to the Jews who had believed him. "If you obey my teaching," he said, "you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth. And the truth will set you free."(NIVr)  

Divide into teams (we did an oldest and a youngest child together and made groups of 4-6 children and had an adult/older kid in each group, I gave each of the adults or the oldest child a card with these questions)

In small teams, ask which translation/features each of your kids have? (if they don't know, this is a way to connect and review Bible features, help them find it!)   Which do they like the best?   Why?

A note card I scribbled off 4 copies of last minute to help each group know what to do (with or without an adult)
 We used a post it note for every feature we found, and put them up on the white board to share and categorize as a big group (depends on how much time you have, how much you do with it,)  I have found that when every child talks, writes, and shares ideas in a small group, the actual sharing what EVERY post it says with the whole group is NOT necessary.  Especially if you leave them posted after the lesson.  

Then we set off to examine what types of Bibles we had brought with us. (if I had really thought this through, it should have been a separate lesson because of time! But we learn  by doing.) 

Task 2-- a second project.... 
Ask what types of features are in each of the Bible books that your kids brought.... Are all of the books Bibles there? if not is it a Bible or a Bible Storybook or a devotional or a picture Bible? What is it?  Why? Who is it appropriate for?  Who does it appeal to? 

TOOK:  As we finished the Bible sort, (more pics another day) We looked at how different all the groups had sorted their Bible type books, and discussed it. We paused and thanked God for His Word, and one of our leaders showed his iPhone- with his Bible app, and reminded the kids that they could have God's Word with them ALL THE TIME! 

There are so many ways to break up these concepts/lessons. I just think the key is whether one on one with your child, in a small group or a 25 person class- we need to be sure we equip kids to USE the Bibles they own or have around them!   Too often we just expect them to use them and we forget this is a new genre and some clear directions about how to use a Bible would be very appropriate, even for adults!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My I need an intervention?

I confess- I'm addicted to Bible storybooks and Bibles!   I have known for some time that I'm not quite the same as other people. I could be described as eccentric or I'm a little OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) especially when I'm passionate about something.  I have to admit my passion as I've had my own children has become christian resources, Bibles, and Bible storybooks...

My mom has asked a few polite questions over the past ten years and I have reflected on them, and tried to justify? or explain? my addiction (you'll have to judge!)--  at a yard sale where new books are 25cents, do you really need more books for YOUR home? (resolved when she found out I give away books all the time)   More recently:   you do know you are working hard to make your kids readers?  (and memorizers of God's Word.)  I said- Yes I know I'm working hard at this, but Mom, I'm a teacher and I know the benefit of building habits early on, and I want to use my expertise to coach my kids....  I want to instill habits early on, I don't want them to have to grow up and figure out how to include these disciplines in their lives... especially when it comes to making a child a Bible reader who finds joy in God's Word on a regular basis... I told her later, I make it a point to only collect christian books, Bibles, Bible storybooks...
I was asked for a picture of my children's Bibles for a friends blog for a link up later this summer... and here are many of our children's Bibles and Bible Storybooks, but it is not ALL of them.... (cause there are always some on the floor in rooms, my 2 year old needs a bunch reachable for everyday reading, some are at our chapel for Sunday School,  and of course there are ALWAYS some books in our car!)  If it makes you feel better, I committed to stop buying classic children's books and instead borrow those from the two wonderful public libraries we have. I've also learned our public library has children's Bible storybooks as well! 
My oldest- who begs to have a Bible in the care to read when he has down time!
But as an educators, we train real readers, to read ALL the time, anywhere, and to ALWAYS have a book with them, so as believers, I want to change that motto to ALWAYS have a Bible with us, so that we can sneak time in the Word throughout our day!  And I know that there are many translations, types or genres of Bibles for kids.... and they need to find the ones that they enjoy! So I'll continue to order brand new Bibles and Bible storybooks, pick them up at resale shops and garage sales (even the ones I already own to share with a friend), and my collection will expand... at least for this season in my life where I have regular readers in the home.

So how many Bible books, Bibles, for kids do you have? Which is your favorite one?  Where is your favorite place to purchase them?