Monday, June 25, 2012

Lovely Links

As I've been writing this blog, and searching for resources, I keep finding them even when I'm not looking...I'm inspired that this topic that I am so passionate about ...sharing God's Word with your kids, in fun, engaging, higher level thinking ways.... really is on many other people's hearts and minds, and just this spring several blogs and books have been published on different facets.  

When You Rise... just a few weeks ago a reflection on reading regular Bibles with your kids... inspiration for me! (and she connected me to a new book and the blog below)

AnEverydayMama...she wrote a BOOK about reading the Bible with your kids that was just published this spring... she answers here can YOUNG kids read and understand the Bible.  I say YES! and am intrigued by this book... on my wishlist! She also blogs here about how she handles some of the more graphic elements of the Bible with her young children.  

Impress Your Kids  I follow this blogger who is a former Children's Ministry director, now Mom, and last fall published a book of ideas to celebrate advent with your young children with great Biblical integration .  She lead me to a new book that intrigued me, and was just published this spring.

I love that our library lets you recommend a book and then they let you read it first!  So I just finished reading it on our way to New York.   It's called Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord and it is a parenting book, so it highlights many dimensions of parenting more than a how to motivate kids to read the Bible, but it was worth your time read in my humble opinion!  I'm waiting to see if they ordered An Everyday Mama's book for me as well!  

I've also just finished reading a book that Moody Publishing sent me to review entitled: Beyond Bathtime by Erin Davis, a book and a blog, to encourage Moms in the ministry and calling of Motherhood.  You can read my amazon review here.  It is more focused on the joy and sacred role mothering is.  Her purpose is that YOU need the Lord's help.  But if you take her advice, she inspires you the Mom, to live the truths of God's Word before you children, and survive/thrive through the Holy Spirit's help, which requires you to be in the Word so it is all connected. 

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