Sunday, June 24, 2012

Holy Bible motivator

I need to get back into regular blogs, but time keeps evaporating... I'm writing lessons to share with you as I can get them 'publishable' and we are testing them this week at Pine Bush Bible Camp on teens/college age students, and elementary age boys (officially the hardest age to reach and motivate!)  But until then, I will share some of my favorite resources...

Holy Bible Color BookThis is a Holy Bible Coloring Book published originally by Dock Haley Gospel Magic

Their store link:

I purchased it with a 'free' curriculum CD  from Wycliffe.  My Amazing Volcano (you can get it all in pdf form and download it or order a CD).  The curriculum has other uses for this magic book!

I wanted to order Wycliffe's ABC book: Akebu to Zapotec - A-Z  with images and text about all the Bibleless people in the world and I took a risk and ordered this coloring book as well.  Wycliffe has great resources and lessons to whisper the Word to kids and adults-- as Bible translators, it is what they do!  I love that I can find and use great resources that experts have created, found, or organized for my ministry.  Don't be afraid to use and adapt materials, we are all one Body in Christ, and God created us to be a team sharing the Good News!  

Every group I have ever used it with is in AWE and the point it drills home about people looking at the same book.  Some seeing a blank Bible, some seeing a coloring book uncolored, and others find the Bible is a book with living color illustrations. It's a great tool to build relevancy and make kids/adults think about why we read the Bible!   (and it is simple to learn to use-- you just need to practice it about 10 times the first time, and I had it down!)

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  1. HArd to motivate unmotivated people, keep it up! & let you search, study, read or listen to the the Bible online in almost 200 translations/dialects.