Friday, October 19, 2012

Theological thoughts in story Bibles....

Day 19 of 31 days...

A break from my research and teaching ideas, to think through and journal my personal thoughts about the deeper aspects of whispering the Word with our kids with all the wonderful options available in the 21st century American world.  This is more my musings and processing, as I realize how much 'weight' selecting a Bible storybook to use with children can have that I a humble teacher who loves God and loves His Word may not focus enough on.  I am blessed to teach at a Bible College where I work with men who are truly gifted theologians, and they inspire me to stretch and grow in my own applications of theological concepts, research, and plans.  


We learn theology from the Bible.  We learn doctrine from the Bible. We also learn stories from the Bible.  We learn who God is from the Bible. We learn what God promises to believers and unbelievers in His Word. We learn what these big and little words are in a biblical light....

So when we look at a Bible storybook, we often think only of the story part.  Which for many purposes is okay. But if we read enough Bible storybooks with our kids, to our kids, or let them read it independently, we better stop, pause, pray, and ask for clarity that we are not allowing the 'story' to be so enjoyable, that the weight, reality, and real meaning in the original book is lost! 

We need to be sure that in the big picture, we are still focusing our children on ALL the aspects of the living, active, Word of God which is sharper than any two edged sword...  If they only see the stories of the Bible, especially if those stories are all focused on the happiness, blessing, and joy found in following God, we need to rethink our plan.  The Bible is a great book and draws us in because it is balanced, it is action packed, it has all the BEST elements of any favorite book-- good/evil, joy/sorrow, trials/blessings, action, drama, love, hope, war/battles, redemption,.... but are we showing our children a full enough picture in our attempts to make them readers who enjoy the Word?   Are we giving them enough milk to sustain their spiritual growth, and make them think critically about who God is, how He planned for Jesus to come as the Word, and to redeem our lives? 

more to come....


  1. I am new to your blog and am so enjoying reading through it :) I have a 4 and 5 yr old and I so agree with the seriousness of not just presenting them with the storybook versions of the Bible.

    Our family has been enjoying listening through the dramatized Bible. I turn it on while the boys play with their trains or Lego and the voices are so interesting it makes it engaging for their young minds.

    Going to procrastinate on evening tasks a bit longer and read through some more of your blog ;)

  2. Jessica, thank you so much for taking time to comment and to share how you enjoyed my blog! I am trying to develop a blog with my lifelong passion and next semester I get to share this passion with Bible college students and I hope this will become an avenue for them to share as well. My boys love the you've got the time audio Bible! Feel free to visit often, and ask any questions you may have or share YOUR ideas... I really appreciate your response!