Thursday, October 11, 2012

Family Devotional Books

31 days...Day 11

Children Desiring God is a favorite resource for our Sunday School program. 

We love the curriculum that is centered on Who God is and what is His story through out different themes.  It is a God centered, Bible saturated curriculum.

But in the past two years, Sally Michael, one of the main curriculum writers, has published two books for families to read with their children.  They are very well done, and come complete with a project for your child(ren) to make as they go through each of the lessons/concepts.  They definitely help whisper the Word in your home in a fun, illustrated book, focused on essential concepts for every believer. 

The Books surround two essential concepts about Who God is?  His Promises and His Names.  

God's NamesGod's Promises

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  1. I bought "God's Names" this summer have used it a little in my classroom this year. I just heard about the 2nd book and can't wait to get it.