Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whispers from the Word..

Day 24 of 31 days...

Boy, when you keep your eyes open, you can FIND lots of great resources....

Raising Godly Children has many posts-- I have only read a few.... but like the ones I see:

Child Training Bible

Kids Need the Bible

Kids Need Godly Heroes

Toddler Bible Reviews: The Good, the bad, and the grade.... many of her reviewed Bibles were new to me! 

David C Cook has been a curriculum resource for many years... I just learned that they have some web pages and one I even 'liked' on facebook and the man who asked a question, LOVED my idea, on what resources to make FREE for people... keep watching if it happens, I'll report it here...
so far I've found a downloadable tool to pick the right curriculum for your Student... great start...

This HomeFront online magazine is connected as well.... and has some neat ideas!  here is the link to the webpage

Tell Your Children the Bible is Not about them...

For those of you who like podcasts:
Don't Hide God's Word from the Little Ones

A WEALTH of podcasts/video... sorted by topic..

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