Tuesday, October 16, 2012

God's Word is... Day 3

Day 15 of 31 days...

God's Word needs to be presented to our kids.... it can be done MANY ways...here is my short list!

·        Live it (let kids see you read, question, think, and process this living Book!) 
·        Talk about it (book club, at dinner, in normal conversation)
·        Read it (in many formats)
o   and as a good reader (asking ?, visualizing, connecting, clarifying, summarizing)
o   at your reading level (Bibles at 2nd grade reading levels-adult)
o   at your interest level (pictures, comics, with notes, as a novel)
o   as a storybook (with excerpts, pictures, questions)
o   in devotionals
o   on blogs
·        Study it (must be taught how!)
o   With tools (bible.org, concordance, maps, word study)
o   With methods (SOAP, inductive, ?)
o   By book, by chapter, by verse, by topic
o   Alone, with a partner, with a group, online
·        Think about it (critical thinking essential: evaluate, analyze, synthesize for meaning)
·        Pray through it and before/during/after reading.
·        Meditate on it.
·        Sing about it. 
·        Listen to it (in music, sermons, recitations)
·        Act it out (skits, charades, storytelling, drama, movies)
·        See it (pictures, movies)
·        Live it… (and remind that it is alive in me, my choices, my decisions)

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