Friday, October 12, 2012

Bible Study Strategies

31 days... day 12

One way to whisper the Word is to focus on how to read it.  Great reading teachers, use many strategies to teach children how to read non-fiction.  Great teachers, don't reinvent, they find quality resources and build on what is already created!  Today I'm showing you two strategies through some blog posts/tools online that are already there! 

Here are some strategies  (that are really reading strategies) but are a commonly used as Bible Study methods and a link to a toolbox of ideas and reasons how to study the Bible from some great websites.

SOAP study....
Scripture, Observations, Application, Prayer

Here's a kids version  from home school creations that is a printable paper to fill in.

Here's an online SOAP program. You can save your whole study online.

Mom's toolbox has a What is SOAP explanation.


A simple strategy for studying God's Word. 3 Questions

I grew up with a similar pattern-- we asked:
    • What does this verse/passage say? 
    • What does it promise? 
    • what does it command to obey? 
    • How does it apply to me today? 
15 minutes a day... a strategy using 5 lenses (that kids can easily connect to)
DoNotDepart has many sections on christian living, prayer, memorization and Bible Study.  I have tried many of their ideas personally and with children.  It's a great resource. It has a tool box and great resources for all ages!

Here's a post if you've never spent daily time in the Word that is a great start.

Take time to click on a link or two and try a new strategy or reclaim a classic. 

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