Friday, May 25, 2012

Whispering the Word ISI 2012

Motivating Kids to read, understand and enjoy the Word of God! 
I will present this Whispering the Word livebinder and a lesson plan for motivating kids to read and understand the Bible at ISI, a conference at Emmaus Bible College for church leaders.  Here is a list of important concepts from my takeaway handout-- what would you add to it? 

·        Live it (let kids see you read, question, think, and process this living Book!) 
·        Talk about it (book club, at dinner, in normal conversation)
·        Read it (in many formats)
o   and as a good reader (asking ?, visualizing, connecting, clarifying, summarizing)
o   at your reading level (Bibles at 2nd grade reading levels-adult)
o   at your interest level (pictures, comics, with notes, as a novel)
o   as a storybook (with excerpts, pictures, questions)
o   in devotionals
o   on blogs
·        Study it (must be taught how!)
o   With tools (, concordance, maps, word study)
o   With methods (SOAP, inductive, ?)
o   By book, by chapter, by verse, by topic
o   Alone, with a partner, with a group, online
·        Think about it (critical thinking essential: evaluate, analyze, synthesize for meaning)
·        Pray through it and before/during/after reading.
·        Meditate on it.
·        Sing about it. 
·        Listen to it (in music, sermons, recitations)
·        Act it out (skits, charades, storytelling, drama, movies)
·        See it (pictures, movies)
·        Live it… (and remind that it is alive in me, my choices, my decisions)


  1. Loved your energy and insight on the subject. A new approach to an old subject! So important for our children to not only read but understand the Word of God. One of the main reasons for children to learn to read is so they can read the Word of God for themselves. If we emphasis this purpose it will most likely happen. I am excited to try your ideas with my grandchildren and share your insight with my homeschooling daughter. Thanks, Esther from Michigan

    1. Keep in touch as you find strategies that work for you and share your own ideas... this is just a start... there are so many ways to motivate kids to understand the Word of God! I'd love to hear more ideas!