Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bible Whisperer...

Motivated after reading Donalyn Miller's book entitled The Book Whisperer

I am creating a blog to start sharing how I hope & pray that I whisper God's Word to my children. I am humbled daily at the challenge of whispering the Word of God into my own life and also my children's lives.... The challenge given in Deuteronomy to impress these truths onto the hearts, hands, and heads of our kids... is a gigantic one.  But as I have embraced it in the past 5 months, it is a passion for me!  

I hope that this blog becomes a place for all teachers and parents to share how they motivate their children to read, understand, and ultimately love the Word of God! 


  1. So excited about the impact of this concept. Whispering (gently saying with authority) the Word of God, the promises, the invitations of truth to our children when they need it to guide them. Telling them the truth as God says it, gives authority to our teaching as the Spirit brings it to life for them. Thinking of God's Word as guidance in truth brings life. When they choose life in truth they will experience the true love and power of God!

    1. I love your rephrasing-- gently saying with authority... that is so true! thanks for that! Praying that we all can grow in this area and thanking the Lord for the Holy Spirit's leading in our lives and in our children's lives.

  2. Thanks, I've been thinking this AM how the Word of God is Living! Sometimes we quote it like the words are a magic potion or they are tired, or "maybe" reliant? We CAN believe His Word and we CAN speak it with the life He has given us! His WORD gives life to us and we then can give that life to our children (and others) by saying it again!!

    Jesus said, I AM the Way, The Truth and The Life!!!