Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bedtime Blessings

As a good teacher, I've always read to my kids at bedtime...  I soon came to realize that this was another time where I could choose wonderful children's literature or I could take advantage of another chance to impress God's truth into my children's young hearts! 

This book is a favorite read Hush Little One-and we have read it so much I have it memorized and often just sing it with that last snuggle of the evening (okay and sometimes at naptime). I like the phrasing of the 2002 version better than the 2005 reprint.  I keep some around for a gift for new babes or their toddler sibling.

I put my kid's name in it instead of One... and they have each called it 'their song' at the right age/stage. 

Some of the words are:
Hush little one, it's time for bed, now it's time to climb into bed and lay down your sleepy head...
Of the darkness have no fear, Jesus your Savior is always near, He who died and rose again, now forgives your every sin.... 

My boys like Goodnight Warrior because the cover glows in the dark.  I like the truths and simple words presented with the short devotional that follows.   (I did order Sweetdreams Princess but my daughter is too young to appreciate it yet, but we have been listening to her audio set when we play in her room)

How do remind kids of who God is at bedtime?  what stories or scripture do you share with them?  

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