Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode...book review

The purpose of this blog is to focus on whispering the Word is to help our kids become those who crave time in the Word.  But that can only happen if their time is well managed, and good habits start early, to be natural.  So they must be modeled! That's why I appreciated a new book by blogger Crystal Paine, known as MoneySavingMom.  I have followed her blog for several years now and have not only been encouraged by her coupons but unexpectedly by the glimpses of her own life and habits shared.  She has written about her lifestyle, carefully crafted over a few years, a few kids, and a determination to thrive through the busyness of life.  It takes discipline, knowing your purpose, having perspective, and hope.

Here's a few quotes...

It's my hope that all parents, children's workers, and those who serve kids in any way, would value the Word of God, make it a goal to read daily, pray meaningfully, memorize scripture, and talk about the value and life changing events in their lives because of the active, living Word of God.  If you struggle with discipline, establishing routines, and you need help finding hope with the structure of your life, then this book is for you!! It is NOT a Bible study, and I am not even sure scripture is integrated in the book, but it is a woman who keeps a quiet time in her goals, and her relationship with God is a priority, and she walks you through how she stopped surviving and found she could thrive in her daily life as a wife, mother, woman of God, and as a blogger.  (She makes enough money on her blog now, that she uses it to support others, she still lives a frugal life, even though her income is beyond their needs! So she's in the trenches with normal Moms who struggle to do it all.

Here are some more quotes/photos-- for many of you these will speak to your visual learning style more than my words can!


This one might be my favorite:

 I would add, that if you trust in the Lord, He can help you do this as well!

Here's what I shared at amazon as a review:
I have followed Crystal's blog for several years now, so I was intrigued by her new book. Would it be more helpful than her short informational pieces? Would it just be the same stuff I can get without a book? I was pleasantly surprised that while her book matches up with her blog (she posts weekly goals & progress, freezer meal weekly reports/recipes, organizational tips, and ways to save money). Her book really explains the HOW she lives and how you could follow her example and live life on purpose, with perspective, and hope. She is a christian and her book occasionally refers to her faith, but it is not a main theme and scripture is not really interspersed throughout her quotes and concepts, she bases her purpose, goals, and plans with her faith in mind but it's not overtly christian.) The book is just what it's title says it is, it's 9 simple strategies to move out of survival mode. It is an easy read. It has real life examples from her life and her readers, and it is written in a way, you can implement her ideas, and change your life. Having researched skills and helped many college students with time management, life organization and planning, I can say that this book is well researched, and founded on common and very helpful strategies. It's not just a homemaker sharing what works for her, it works for many. But her books is more approachable and direct than many other self help books. I enjoyed it and I am sure will use it again. I was given a book as part of her launch team, but all ideas and opinions are my own, I was not required to do a favorable review.

Two last thoughts from her book...to give you the flavor...

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