Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Drake's Flag, a GA Henty radio drama

Review Week is fun isn't it? today's review is extra fun because I know one of the consulting producers! (and so do my children!) He attended Emmaus and taught piano lessons.  Now he's working on producing radio drama!  How cool is that? 

In order to adequately review this radio drama, I had to enlist the two best critics I know- my boys, who are almost 8 and almost 12 years old, and are huge fans of podcasts and radio drama.  So if you have Adventures in Odyssey Fans or You've Got the Time kidz podcasts fans, you know what I mean.

The first sign that these are a hit, was my oldest kept getting the cd case for his room, so he could re-listen to them!  His review is that they are exciting and entertaining.  The story had lots of action, helped him love history, and had good truths.  It really encouraged him to think about kindness.  He enjoyed listening to them. 

On their website- they make some claims about why a parent should like these CD's. My son when I asked him about them- agreed to all of them! Things like develop moral character, instill a love of history, teaching self reliance, are just great audio teaching.... His big question was, are there more? 

We listened to them as well, and I can see how my son enjoys them. The sound affects are amazing and the story is good.

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