Thursday, January 9, 2014

99 Stories from the Bible

This book is a lovely picture story book Bible.  The print is large, but not too much on a page. The illustrations are soft, warm colors, rounded figures, and kid oriented.  The people have big noses, and Adam has a beard, which disturbed my 4 year old, but not all the men had beards, and I think it bothered her because her other story bible makes Adam look different.

The stories are short, and they count 99 stories, but take some Biblical accounts as multiple stories. So creation is actually several stories.  An adult could read the whole book in part of an afternoon.  The selection of stories seemed broad and along a line of creation to the cross, ending with Jesus return to heaven and His promise to return for His disciples.  I wished it had gone on into a few more new testament stories like the church, Paul, etc. But very few picture story Bibles do, I imagine it's because these are not as easily summarized.  There were some very unique but accurate elements in some of the stories. Adam and Eve leaving the garden is entitled "Flashing Swords" and I double checked Genesis to see how my translations words that part.   I liked that level of detail on occasion, and it would be fun to compare to a real Bible's detail.

I enjoyed this Bible storybook and believe it would be a great tool in a preschool class, with young children, or even new readers.  My four year old enjoyed it.  It seemed to keep the vocabulary simple enough for a typical first/second grade reader.   My only con was how it addressed sin.  It never used this term.  In the ark story, it mentioned that Noah was good but most people were "arguing, and cheating, and fighting."  In Adam and Eve, it says "Adam and Eve had not done as God had told them.  So he sent them out of the beautiful garden. Forever."  They are sad and sorry on the next page.  So it leaves the explanation and teaching to the parent or teacher who is reading it aloud or checking in, to address the concept of sin directly.  

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