Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Redeemed Format... a topical Bible study for elementary age

Since we are doing this as a Sunday School program.  I created the following format for the hour plus, our kids have...this will help some of you envision how we discuss and read scripture together...

Format for Summer Sunday School  (times will adjust but this is the idea)
11:00-11:10  SING: elementary (going into K-grade 6) age kids sing upstairs with adults a few songs .  Come down and form small groups of mixed age for prayer and Bible study.  Please monitor them coming down, so we don’t lose any!!
11:10-11:20 PRAY: prayer time for our missionaries and for our own Christian growth (use prayer visual cards in silver bucket)
11:20-11:30 REVIEW/STUDY the BIBLE…review, read scripture in small groups with a focus question.  
11:30-35 share the answer, adult review/summarize/give 3 key points about topic, ask new ?
11:35-11:45 read more scripture in small groups with another focus question or clarification.
11:45-50 share the answer, teacher summarize and list the key points
11:50 APPLICATION…Discuss HOW to do the key points as  KID…. The adult might give a strategy, the kids might brainstorm one, but they should make or act out what it is they are to ‘take away’ this week as a Redeemed person living for Christ.  (act out, role play, list ideas, make a poster, bookmark, or write a blurb for the bulletin? )  
12:00-  and filler—Memory VERSE work on as a whole group. 

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