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Salvation Resources

Children Desiring God... Sunday School Curriculum

To Be Like Jesus... a study for children on following Jesus
for grades 3-4-5
emphasis: sanctification, but the first 11 lessons explain salvation doctrine/words.
Some of the lessons are very Calvinistic, it doesn't come out in the lesson for children, but some would be concerned with the reformed perspective. The link above will share the scope/sequence and a sample lesson.


Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers by Joey Allen

a review from Ministry to Children (of the 4 book series)
Gracie tells you about salvation in the Gospel book.  My children really enjoyed this book and the teaching is clear and child friendly.

Cassie & Caleb Discover God's Wonderful Design by Susan and Richie Hunt
a book from Moody Press that I won!  I've only read part of it, but it has several lessons that focus on the gospel.  It's set up as a story first and then a let's talk portion with scripture, questions, and prayer. (Some lessons have first catechism question/answers as suggested memory work). I think my children will like it. I hope to read it with them this summer.

Review of Cassie & Caleb... from Beyond Bathtime that has more information. (ignore the giveaway it's over)

Salvation, a Bible study workbook, for children
a very simple fill in booklet emphasizing being a part of God's family.   I haven't used it with my children, I think it is a nice concept for a child who doesn't have a very broad biblical foundation.   If I were counseling at camp, and a girl was saved, this would be a great booklet to talk through together. 

God's Mighty Acts in Salvation by Starr Meade
This one is a study of the book of Galatians for children in 40 lessons. It could be read independently or as a family.   Each two page reading ends with an 'as for me and  my house' some questions and passages to look up. I've not read the whole book yet, but I like the fact that she is really teaching children about the Bible and she tells them about the author, his message to the people, she defines words. Her talks give information that we might find in a commentary but it is written for children.  From what I have read, it models how to think and what you should know about a book of the Bible as you read it, so pedagogically it is a good model.   I don't believe we will have doctrine issues, but I haven't read it all yet.  
 review by timberdoodle on this page is helpful

God, Should I be Baptized? by Laurie Donahue
a book designed for a parent/child to read together. It is focused on why you are baptized, but the initial lessons discuss your relationship with God and some salvation concepts.  I have read through this with my oldest and so have several friends, it's a nice logical way to help your child grasp the concepts and you can add your own references and questions as you like.  (there is an excellent companion on the Lord's Supper that we have enjoyed as well.) 

Children's Ministry Bible  created with input from Child Evangelism Fellowship.  Wordless book included. NKJV with many teaching ideas as resources. 

Asks questions like: What do I need to know about God? or What do I need to know about the Lord Jesus Christ? They learn answers to the questions with scriptures that help explain the concept.  The gospel truths are clearly presented across the books. 

Online Resources:

Ministry to Children Coloring Pages. A Good News Series has a wide variety of children's lessons, teachings about salvation, etc... this link will take you to a list and you can choose from three different options.   But I remember lessons at camp as a child, with this poster across the back, and how clear the gospel was when the roads were explained...  Be aware that not all the posts are well edited or proofread, it just depends.  My Great Grandmother and my Grandmother were raised in a gospel hall still connected to this site.  Two Roads Images

Printables for 2 Corinthians 5:17 
I especially like the card that matches, with NEW defined!  also printables for SAVE Many cute ideas and bible resources!

Wordless Book you can get a free 30 minute training from CEF to learn how to use it. The store also has a whole selection of gospel tools for evangelism.

Romans Road 
I don't know who gets credit for the 'road' technique. But this link has a list of the verses!

ABC salvation
Many versions of this-- but Admit, Believe, and Choose or Count or Confess (Jesus is Lord!) are the most common.

The Bridge  I like these pictures for children!  This site has 3 versions (the middle one is for kids) and better scripture references.  I believe the Navigators are the ones who made the original published tract.

The one verse evangelism technique.

Gospel in the Bible  a post about showing your kids Jesus, and a 2 page handout that shows the stories in the OT to NT that show Jesus is coming. 

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