Friday, May 24, 2013

Imparting God's Word to the Next Generation ISI 2013

Our goal as (parents, leaders, teachers, friends) of children is to:
Let the children we come in contact with see us:
  • Defend God's Word, 
  • Live the Word, 
  • Look to the Word for our lives
  • Integrate the Word in ways they can see it.  
  • Make God's Word relevant (or point out it's relevancy)
  • Be in the Word ourselves so we have something to share.
  • Help SHOW them that God is our God.
  • Show them who God is:  He is real and He is Sovereign.  He is important to me!
one minute, one interaction, can impress a child in ways we cannot imagine.  With the Holy Spirit's help, it can change a life completely.  Will you set a goal to let kids see the Word in you, and see your relationship with God, even when it's awkward to 'think out loud' your faith.  Kids need modeling. Kids need direct instruction. Kids need to know your passion and priorities and then SEE those lived out.

Help children see the Bible is history (not just a story, make sure they understand it is TRUE).  Point them to the Metanarrative of Scripture, seeing one God through it all, and His marvelous plan as the Gospel is from OT to NT.   

Then use strategies that make children critical thinkers... teach them different Bible study methods, use Bloom's Taxonomy, ask comprehension questions with the main 6 or 4 strategies, help them learn the way they learn- visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or with the Multiple Intelligences.  I could do a whole course on how children learn...but the links on my googlesite will give you an idea!  If  you want more info on any one of these, I can get it,  just comment here or email me.

Resources and links to help you along the way....


 Livebinders to Help...

Whispering the Word Livebinder

Memorizing God's Word Livebinder

look for the children's Bibles, holidays like Easter and Advent, and spiritual disciplines for many resources... and then my Children's Minstry Board

Documents I've Shared with my Children's Ministry Course

Salvation Resources on Padlet

Groups to help spiritual formation of children in the home and church...

Homefront Magazine from David C Cook Publishing, a FREE family magazine with Biblical concept ideas.

Focus on the Family Thriving Family Magazine

Gospel Light Homelight Magazine (free)

d6 Minisitry

you can get a free Splink weekly (devotional ideas to connect biblical truth with your family)

Faith Begins At Home (books and resources for Family ministry)

Strong Families (John Trent)  The Blessing, even has a section for teachers

Focus on the Family

Family Ministry

main list:

Watch Me 
Vimeo video that will inspire....

Books to look for:

Read alouds:
If You Give a Boy a Bible 

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: (a 4 book series) The Scripture, The Gospel, The Trinity, The Mission. 

Dr. Craig's What is God Like? 12 volumes...  God is Spirit, God is All Powerful, God is All Knowing, just to name a few!

Family Read Aloud or Indpendent Read by Older Kids:
Children Desiring God has three books: Gods's Names, God's Promises, and God's Providence
Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd Jones

Family Devotions:
Long Story Short

 The Dig (Luke)
Jesus Calling for Kids

DVD and a CD
What's in the Bible (Phil Vischer)  a subscription (like netflix) for streaming Christian progams.  Check out Theo the theologian... many of the resources here can be purchased as DVDs on amazon or at (they do $5 specials quarterly)

Want to teach your kids about serving God and Missions work?

Missions materials are all over the place. The best way to help children learn to serve, to lead and to give sacrificially is through role models.  So missionary visits when they are home on furlough are helpful, as well as local adults/teens who serve right where they are, visiting and sharing a story or testimony can be a bigger motivator than any curriculum on serving God.   But there are some great tools out there for direct skill teaching and even role playing or simulations!  Here are some I am aware of, this is just a few!

New Tribes Mission

Children's Resources  Some are free, most are purchased.

Wycliffe Translators

Kids Resources  Many are free downloads, but can also be purchased, and they have picture books and curriculum guides as well.   Fact pages, games, centers, and lessons!  They even teach kids about Bible translation. 


Akebu to Zapotec a book of Bibleless people

CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) has stories of famous missionaries and also christian life/ doctrinal materials. 

Southern Baptist has a blog, and resource directory.  Haven't fully explored it, but I will some day!

Slavic Gospel Association has a free mission kit. The lessons are engaging and teach different dimensions of service.

Public Schools use materials from Free Spirit Publications for social and emotional needs.  They have some great ideas of what kids can do as service at different ages/stages in their materials which many public libraries have. 

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