Monday, December 31, 2012

No More Perfect Moms, a new book

I am a Mom. I am not a perfect mom.  I yell at my kids more often than I want to admit. I put them off and say, one more email, or just a minute, more than I want to, and I don't take enough time to 'score' myself and set goals on how to improve my role as a Mom, like I do with things that other people see far more (like my teaching, my ministry, etc.)  But yet, I should. It is my first calling and it is so important!  

I am a Mom who is delighted to know that I am a sinner saved by grace, and have learned that for my own personal survival, I have to stop comparing myself to other people.  I am the woman that God created me to be, and it is only my job to listen to the Holy Spirit and change who I am based on His nudging!  Not the voice in my head that says... didn't you notice that Gladys and her kids did "blah, blah, blah".  I am ever amazed that even though I am a self confidant and independent person by nature, I still find my inner head making choices and decisions based on other people and what I know of them (or imagine about them!).  It has been a matter of prayer and conviction for me for quite some time!  I need to stop comparing myself, my choices, my actions to others! 

This is also a concept that Jill Savage addresses in the first chapter of her new book (I am reading a pdf of it, the perk of being on her review team!)Here is a quote from the book:   "We compare out messy insides -- our struggles, our failures, our less-than-perfect lives -- to other women's carefully cleaned-up, perfect-looking outsides."I look forward to reading on and seeing what else she reminds me of, and how she encourages me to reflect and grow in this most important job!  I'm also looking forward to some email ideas starting tomorrow!

No More Perfect Moms

You can get ideas and help from as well, here are some options:

1. Sign up for Jill Savage's "No More Perfect Moms" 31-Day Email Challenge. Click here to sign up so you can start receiving them in your inbox on Jan. 1.

2. Don't buy the book yet, but get ready to do so Feb. 4-9. Along with the release of "No More Perfect Moms," Hearts at Home and Moody Publishers will offer additional bonus resources worth more than $100 if you order/buy the book anytime Feb. 4-9. Click here to learn more about this and sign up to be reminded of the release date.

3. Visit "No More Perfect Moms" website. This is where you can share stories, learn more about the book, and view motherhood resources.

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