Monday, December 31, 2012

Book reviews, my explaination

I'm extending the purpose of my blog a bit, to review books that are sent to me because I have a blog!  I believe that the Bible needs to be our main reading each day, especially if we are in the season of young children/very busy lives... but I also believe that in that season, hearing some one else's point of view that is biblically founded can be very helpful.  I also hope to have the 10 students in my Children's Ministry Course review some books this spring as well! 

My biggest struggle as a mom of three kids, who works part time and is active in ministry, I loose the time to think, and I definitely loose 'quiet' time.  When I am alert and at my best, there are almost always people and commotion all around me.   But I am a reader, and I read to learn, to grow, to reflect, to process, and on vacation I read for fun.  For the last 11 years (my oldest turned 11 in November) I have read primarily non fiction and even then it is christian life or books that relate to my areas of expertise/teaching (assessment, classroom management, children's ministry, parenting, and the Bible).  

So I will title these reviews, book reviews and if they aren't your cup of tea, just skip them. But I feel very blessed to be getting a few free books to review and enjoy.   The latest one is called No More Perfect Moms, and I assure you, I've known that for a long time, but as women, it is so reassuring to know that others know it is true as well... if I get comments and approval, I may also extend it to other books I read as well.  

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