Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Memory Tools

Some day I'm going to finish memorizing Psalm 103 and quote all 22 verses together!! (I've wanted to accomplish this for 3 years!) 

I've set it up in a tool that I've used previously for one week challenges, and I think it may be the key to my success. 


It has grown since I last looked into it, and I even learned that I can ignore the punctuation/capitalization in the passage (you do have to spell 100% correct), but that has renewed my vigor and made it possible for me to type a mostly memorized passage at 50 words per minute pace!   (I can do the first 11 verses now!)

Scripture typer has grown and just introduced an APP this new year to help review and learn your passages, I need to see if it will work with my new phone and the text to type feature, but I'm content to let it be a typing test and to practice on the laptop.  

This blog/facebook group has even started Psalm 71 as a community on scritpure typer, so you can compete or just find accountability, or just register on the blog for encouragement.   There are links to resources like the scripture typer program, printable cards with the text or just the first letter, a calendar with 2 verses a week and review.... 

I'm going to finish Psalm 103 before I join a group project, since I've been working on it so long, but I'm going to use many of the same resources to get myself going. 

My "one word" for 2013 is to ABIDE, and one way I'm going to live it, is by meditating while I memorize God's promises!  How do you like to memorize? 

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  1. Practicing a verse by typing sounds like a great way to memorize. And there's an app for that? Amazing! I'm so glad you shared this! Blessings!