Monday, November 12, 2012

whispers from the web....

I've found a new blogger today and had to stop and share it with you!

It is called Our Family for His Glory, and the ideas are so fun, relevant, and neat!

Here's a blog on memorizing Philippians 4:8

It's also a family time, much like my book review last week! 

Another idea for the Philippians study

I wish I'd known about this blog, as I've studied Colossians all fall on my own with Good Morning Girls, my family would have joined me!

I want to try this one....a treasure hunt for God's Word

I started following her and will look forward to her ideas!

On a side note, I found this blogger from Pinterest. Please be cautious as you pin/repin and look for solid biblical values.  Her ideas, which from all I've ready are very sound, and solid, and she blogs for other very well known blogs I've read and trust.  But her ideas were pinned on a board that had Mormon ideas and concepts clearly pinned.  It's not a reflection on this blog, but rather on the person who pinned the ideas!  I searched for memorizing.   I'm learning that many Mormons or LDS have big blogs, and biblical ideas, but they often ADD to the Bible that I know and include concepts that I would struggle with, so be cautious as you seek out new content and ideas!   We are in a fast and furious generation and often don't look carefully before we jump on board!

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