Monday, November 5, 2012

52 Creative family time experiences... a book review

By Timothy Smith (Randall House Publishing)
52 Creative Family Time Experiences
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I was so excited to connect with D6 ministries and learn that they wanted to send out a new book in exchange for a review on amazon and my blog!   What a fun way to get a new resource to share with my students and with all of you!   

  •   A practical Life oriented book for BUSY families who want to walk and talk about the Bible with their kids and need a jumpstart. A book that helps create a guide for purposeful parenting in the enjoyable moments that make a family!
  • It’s not a book that you need to read in one sitting, you could read the intro and set up in less than an hour, and have a framework for a whole year of weekly family time! It is adaptable for many ages, and has a materials needed list at the end.  Each activity was easy to follow, laid out on two pages, and readable.
  • As a teacher I love the solid pedagogical foundations that take into consideration learning styles, personalities, with relevant kid oriented activities that are connected to a scriptural truth/concept that our kids need.
  •  I see it as a springboard of ideas for a new believer, a parent who lacks time to think up ‘fun’ to do with their kids, or who wants concrete ideas for a family time.
  • Whether or not we’d like to admit it (those who are in children’s ministry) Sunday morning, midweek programs, summer camp, VBS, our programming only affects one dimension of a child’s life, it needs reinforcement and connections at home, and these ideas are just what I’d like to see happen in homes on a regular basis.  This is NOT a bible study or theological book, but rather a way to talk about a biblical verse/truth in a setting where it is connected to real life activities. 
  • If you are looking for a family Bible study, a theology book for children, a deep analysis of the scripture, it’s not here.  But if you want ideas on how to integrate a biblical truth with a fun, memorable activity that your kids might just giggle, smile, and ask “can we do this again”, then this book is for you. How deep the truth affects their lives, is left up to the adults leading the family time.   But this book’s ideas have the potential for true ‘family memories’ and inside jokes, silly stories, all rooted in character or lesson of truth!
  • The ‘main point’ and the scriptural truths seemed to be addressing solid concepts our children need to see integrated into life, emphasizing who God is, how He cares for us, how He asks us to live. I imagine that some scholars may be disturbed if they read only the main idea/verse, but as a child oriented teacher, I see the truths that are relevant, could be connected to  a full-fledged family devotion or scripture reading, but our kids are often not ready for a long, drawn out inquiry, and these short ideas are central to building a foundation of who God is, and how I should glorify Him.  
  • I’ll have to report back on how it works with our kids and if the actual activities achieve their goals, but I have a feeling that is based more on the delivery by me, than it is the plans of the author!  His concepts seem well thought out and achievable.  

How did I do as a reviewer? Did I leave out something you would want to know? Is it specific enough?   too much? 


  1. Great description! What age ranges do the ideas apply to. Are they for elementary and up, or as young as toddler and pre-school?

    1. There are adaptations for toddlers and preschool. Many are games, movies or short outings, that can easily be adapted. He even gives tips, like one has a bowl of water, and he says either go through the discussion quickly or remove the bowl of water and then discuss so your toddler won't be tempted to play with it!

  2. Sarah, Love the heart behind this space.and you did a great job reviewing! Sounds like a wonderful book!