Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Book Review: Unseen The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to Be Noticed

This book is a gift and treasure.

It inspired me to live a life that is deeper in relationship with God. It's practical, engaging, full of scripture, and yet a book that draws you to stop, think, digest, and process the ideas given. I will re-read this book to soak in the ideas and even to remember how Sara Hagerty shares her poetic words of how she adores God til she knows it's true in her life!  And Sara Hagerty is a Mom to six beautiful children, and she shares how she communicates these concepts with her children and prays that they will be rooted and grounded in the Word.  She's a natural whisperer of the Word to children and adults.

If you pre-order, there are beautiful freebies!

Sara Hagerty shares her personal stories and connects the story of Mary's extravagant love poured out vulnerably at Jesus feet, to a lifestyle of seeking Him in all seasons, but especially in the hidden aspects of life.

Authors often become kindred spirits or mentors to the reader, and Sara Hagerty, is that for me. I adored her first book, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet when I discovered it several years ago, I love how she ends each chapter with scriptures for further review. And I'm half way through writing out the scriptures from Unseen in my journal, and processing small steps to see God more intimately and to fall in love more deeply with Him.

I can't wait for the Bible Study to be released that goes along side this book, and it will be free on the website I'm going to need a whole series on my blog to share all the aspects of the book with the world, as it's a gem with so much richness, I'm inspired, encouraged, and learning how to have a fuller, hidden life with God, where I use the white space in my life to seek Him.

I'm blessed to be on the launch team for this book, inspired by the emphasis on praying for the book release, and the readers whose hands it will be placed in, that they would find God and fall more in love with Him this fall (or in the future). I certainly have, and I've pre-ordered several copies as gifts for several friends who will find inspiration.

I'll end with a list of a few things I believe are possible for the readers of this book:
*re-frame your life in God and before others by asking questions like: What does God think of this? and What does God think of me?
*see a fresh revelation of the story of Mary at Bethany sitting at Jesus feet.
*create a wonder hour to look at God more purposefully.
*find your own rhythm to adore and pray more intimately with God (and it's done without guilt!)
*love the Word of God more.
*look at Who God is.
*recognize how to practice God's love.
*lean in to Him.
*recognize you are seen by God alone (Psalm 139- woven together intimately).
*develop deeper intimacy with God.
*find that you can embrace living a life hidden before God, out of the limelight, but ever present to Him.

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