Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taste and See by Yancy

Yancy is a FAVORITE musician of mine.  I'm honored to review her new CD and the DVD of music videos!

Yancy has done it again. She has taken solid Biblical truth and set it to music in a preschool oriented way.  She combines scripture and early childhood concepts and in this CD a fast past, upbeat, fun musical collection.  Boys in our home were especially drawn to the CD and videos. I think it could have something to do with her use of 'Super' and the understanding of it's connection to a hero!  And that hero is God!  She teaches us not only about Who God is, but also who we are in response to that. i.e. "We need to praise the Lord every day,"  She helps us see Who He is and what we CAN do to remember that all day long. We are to see promises in the B-I-B-L-E!

So when you finish the CD, you are reminded that it's our job to: Praise God, Obey Him, Taste and See Who He is, Serve Him, Count on Him, Thank Him, Sing to Him, and Worship Him. She integrates old songs with her new songs, so Hallelu, Hallelu is part of praising God, the B-I-B-L-E is part of another, and she sings the classic "I Love You Lord." She uses concepts that are key for this age group.  Concepts like: God made..,  counting, days, Stop and Go, from our head to our toes,  stop/go, and holidays.  

The DVD is great.  The lyrics scroll across the screen, the images are fun, and the music is great. I love the Bible images integrated, Bible references, and the pleasant people throughout that engaged us all.

It stirred up spontaneous dance parties in our home, and singing along.  The words and truths warmed my heart, the rhythm and simple concepts, engaged my kids.  It's a win win experience.  The music lasts long after the dvd or cd stops, and it hopefully will help mold our minds and brains into thinking about Who God is and how we are to remember that all day long.

I've got the privilege to give away one of the cd's for a chance to win, comment and share WHY you would appreciate this CD!  You can purchase your own copy here. It's also at Itunes. I'll pick a winner on March 1st.  

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