Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Sentence Storybooks by Nancy I. Sanders (Tyndale Publishers)

Looking for early readers? THESE are great books.  I'd compare them to BOB books.  Each story is ONE sentence, building with a few new words each page.  My 5 year old will read these independently to her dolls.   It's simple, it's beautiful and it's practical.

And I love that the repetition in the books is Bible stories, I haven't heard them over and over yet, but somehow "The star in the sky led the kings to baby Jesus."  will be easier to hear practiced over and over again compared to other early readers about cats and mats!

These are cute!  They are fun and the illustrations draw you to open the books.
The box contains 10 books.  Each book is 4.5 by 5.5 inches with a high gloss cardstock cover and thick color pages.  Illustrations are warm, colorful, and build on the concepts, helping early readers to connect text to pictures for meaning.

Simple words, yet real concepts.  After each sentence, is a word/picture page and a parent page.  The parent page has: One Truth to Learn, One Verse to Say, and One Prayer to Pray.  The last page of the book is Look Back in the Book.  (and it is simple connections like color and count, but moves to reading words and sounds.)

The content of the truth, verse, and prayer, are REAL biblical concepts.  Actually they teach doctrine like Jesus is the Son of God (book 7), Sin is anything bad someone thinks, says or does (book 2).  I appreciated this the most of this series.  It had real truths to convey to kids at an early age.  So it's a great foundation for early reading skills and biblical concepts together.

Thanks Tyndale for letting me review this book, my kids will be reading them and I will use them in Sunday School and even training for years!  

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