Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Week

Need some simple, easy or fun Easter ideas...

I keep pinning them here:

We made 20 sets of the Easter Eggs (only 6) for Preschool classes at our chapel.   It's simple, I had all the stuff in the house, and will be a nice take away for our children.  It's from motherhoodonadime.  

I'm doing a scripture reference 'candy' hunt with my kids this week from almost unschoolers. 

And we will make crowns that are half crowns/half thorns (brown paper) as well to think of the dual ways we crowned Jesus as King...

Ressurection rolls will be done at some point.

And if the kids are in a crafty mood- I  may make salt dough and we will make crosses, but also other items that represent the ressurection story... palm leaves, nails, tombs, cross, ... we'll see what they come up with... 

We will also READ from their Bibles and other Bible storybooks!  Oh and they can't wait to play easter bingo from

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