Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Time of Jesus A lift a flap discovery book

author: Lois Rock  Illustrator: Lorenzo Orlandi
Published by Lions Children Books 2014
isbn 975-0-7459-6398-3

Early on in my kids life, my mom made the comment--- hmm-- books have to do something to appeal to kids these days-- and then she realized that books that do something, aren't hide to find!!

I was so pleased to be offered this book targeted towards 5-7 year old children, I happen to have two of those kids.  We read lift a flap books all the time.  But we only have a few lift a flap books that are biblical, and this might be the first one that is biblical, and not super simple and short.  So this mom, was happy to have some new read with me material!

First, it's a paper size board book (about 8 x11).  Structure/Appearance
It's a sturdy book, and it has a strong binding, you'd be surprised at how many lift a flap board books, fall apart after a few readings, and this one has been in our living room for a month, and it still looks new!  The flaps are sturdy and have clear tabs for opening, I know I'm not yet talking about the content, but as a mom of 4 kids, a book that will last, is worth a purchase!  The illustrations were not weird, but are friendly people cartoon but life like drawings. Sometimes in books like this the expressions on the people or the proportions distract or are creepy to children. These pictures were beautiful and seemed authentic, and are appealing to kids.

Second, this is titled a 'discovery book' and that it is!  I love that this is a book about Jesus life from birth to His Resurrection, and it also shares historical/cultural facts.  Things that kids will relate to, and will help build connections, vocabulary, and background information on the account of Jesus life. There are 2-7 flaps on each set of pages, so it's not so many that the parent dreads reading the book over and over, but it's enough to keep the kids engaged.  It also has depth, it starts with Jesus birth, growing up, farm life, eating with Zaccheus, the temple, the trial, and the garden.  So it is a complete view of Jesus life but a snapshot version for the young child.

I think it's a great read aloud for home or Sunday School. I plan to use it with our PreK class this next month as we study Jesus life.

It is an account that is biblical facts, but it does not quote scripture or have a bible reference in the entire book.  This did not bother me because it was accurate and factual and I didn't miss direct quotes or references.   But some parents may be expecting this, so I find it only fair to state this is the life of Jesus in facts and details, and it's interesting and biblically accurate, but not quotes from scripture.

I enjoyed this book, my 9 year old and 13 year old boys found it appealing enough to glance at it, but it was really my younger kids who enjoyed it, and they fit the targeted audience.  

I will look for other books like this in the future.  I was given this book in exchange for my honest review by Kregel publications, but I have shared my own thoughts and opinions, I was not required to write a favorable review.  

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