Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Links to inspire you...

A memory project for you AND the kids.... this blogger is my 'kindred spirit'...somehow she and I think the same, and need the same reminders, supports, and encouragement in our intentional christian living....  I'm joining her in this challenge and hope to get my kids on board!! (which is sometimes hard when I don't homeschool, but I need to try some structure in our walking and talking the Word at home on occasion!)

Here's a series on layering storys... but I think it applies to teaching our kids as well....these are our goals...I am adding "Layered Story Sensitivity" to my vocabulary when I think about our goals for teaching kids about God's Word.   I want them to see ALL the layers-- the connections---the theology and most importantly Who God is across the Bible!

A giveaway for the Princess Bible I reviewed!

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