Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bible and Prayers for Teddy and Me (a review)

Kregel Publications sent me this book to review.

This book has a padded cover, as it's designed for the preschool age child.  The illustrations are warm, friendly, and include talking to make it a fun read together book.   The pages are thick and easy to turn. It includes a table of contents at the front, so a teacher would know quickly which bible stories are included. Each story is three pages long, with a short synopsis of the biblical text but it's a retelling or summary, not translation.  The word choice is geared towards children and is appropriate words like bad, instead of theological terms like sin.  The re-tellings are simple but mention key truths from the Bible.  Overall the book's theme and selections revolve around the concept that God cares for his children, and after every story is a prayer, some are traditional, some are simple, but all are short and connected somehow to the bible story and the concept that I can talk to God and He is my friend, helper, and protector!  It's a lovely read aloud book for a young child. 

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