Monday, July 15, 2013

Blog Tour Kregel...paint by numbers

I have been blessed to get to try some new products..This was one that my 3  year old and 7 year old got into!!

It' s a painting book, and the inside covers that fold out are the 'paint'.   You just need water and a brush (or qtip as preschool teachers taught me!)  to paint!!

My 3 year old was a bit confused by it and her attention span is fleeting with 'art'.  But she tried it and thought it was fun.  I think in another few months, it will be a favorite of hers. The colors are vibrant when painted!

The pictures are very child friendly, warm and inviting people, and each page has a simple sentence to describe the story or ask a question.  Nice simple facts that will interest kids. I think the images/stories were well chosen to fit most preschool Sunday school curriculum.  I like that it has both Old Testament and New Testament stories.  It's a painting book, if you are looking for a simple integration to connect an image to a lesson, a truth, that you will teach, this could be a great enrichment.  The best part is that the messy part of painting is so easily contained!

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